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Caring for Your Blade

At Gahagan Customs, we are proud to be a part of your journey by providing you with the style of tools you need for your unique life. We offer a limited,  lifetime warranty that covers the finish, materials, and craftsmanship of all of our knives. Under no circumstances should you ever use your blade in a manner other than that of its design. DO NOT use your blade as a screwdriver, a pry bar, a chisel, or a punch. Improper use and care of your blade will void the warranty.

Now that you have found the blade that suits your life, there is a level of care that will be needed for your knife to endure the test of time. By respecting and cleaning your knife properly, you will extend its life and ensure optimal performance for many years to come.

Clean Blade
Cleaning your blade

Cleaning Your Blade

ALWAYS respect the blade by using caution when handling your knife for cleaning. We do not recommend using harsh, abrasive cleaners. Harsh cleaners can remove the finish or damage the steel of your knife.  We do recommend simply using mild soap and warm water to clean your fixed blade knife. You can use something soft and non-abrasive for this task, such as a cotton cloth or the non-abrasive side of a sponge.  DO NOT use an abrasive scouring pad, steel wool, or any other highly abrasive material to clean the blade. These will likely scratch the coating or damage the finish of your knife.  For sticky or gummy substances (such as tree sap, tar, etc.), first, use a cloth with acetone to remove the residue in question. Wipe the knife clean, and then be sure to follow the instructions below for oiling to protect the finish.  Be sure to dry your knife thoroughly after it has been cleaned.  This will help prevent rust from forming on your blade.


Oiling Your Blade

After washing and thoroughly drying your knife, applying oil to your blade will help to reduce moisture and seal the blade, which will help eliminate water spots and any potential for rust. Using a chamois cloth, apply a small amount of oil to your blade. This will serve to both protect your blade and give it a clean, shiny appearance. 

Oil Blade
Stryker dagger

Storing Your Blade

It is important to store your blades properly, whether you use them on a daily basis or like to keep them secure for special occasions.  Storing your blades in a low-humidity environment is highly recommended. To ensure the long life of your blade, be sure to thoroughly clean your blade before storing it. We also recommend oiling your blade a few times a year if it is not being used regularly. 

Store Blade
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